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Dundee Dance Studios

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Brown Street

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Buy DDS dancewear

Needing dance shoes? Fancy a leotard for your ballet class? Buy them at the studio! We stock DDS ballet uniforms for both kids and adults. If we don't have your size in stock, we will order it in within the week.


The ballet class uniform is compulsory for our kids ballet classes. Performing is optional, so you don't need to purchase the performance outfit if you don't wish to do so. Our other kids classes don't require uniforms.


Opening hours: you can buy DDS dancewear before or after your class

Kids clothing and shoes
Ballet class uniform £50
Pink Skirted BBODance approved leotard
Pink cardigan
Pink tights
Pink ballet socks
Ballet shoes
Tap class uniform  £60
Blue Skirted BBODance approved leotard
Pink cardigan
Tan tights 
White dance socks
Tap shoes

Kids First Position low heel PU tap shoes £25.50


Kids Bloch Slip on leather jazz shoes (size C10 and up) £26.50


Kids Lace up leather jazz shoes (sizes C5-C9) £22.50


Adults clothing and shoes
Level 1-2
Sleeved leotard in black  £29.50
Georgette/chiffon practice wrap skirt in black £19.50
Warm-up and shoes
Ruby wrap cardigan  £22.50
40cm anklewarmers in ruby £6.50
Bloch split sole canvas soft ballet shoes £18.50
Pink convertible tights £10.50
Size charts are available at the studio
Jazz and Tap
Capezio Suede Split Sole Jazz Shoe £24.50
Capezio Tele Tone Xtreme tap shoes £52.50