5 weeks Beginner Pilates course with Laura Marshall 7.30-8.30pm on Mondays in Brown Street studio. Max 8 participants. First class Monday 11th June. Please note, in order to take part in this beginner course you need to buy a space for one of the 8 the Small Group Pilates Introduction/posture assessment classes offered on Saturdays 2nd or 9th June. 


If you miss classes during the course, you can make them up by taking one of the other Pilates classes at Brown Street studio. Please arrange with us in advance. 

To wear: well fitting clothes that do not restrict movement, socks. We need to be able to see the lines of your body and spine.  Mats and other equipment provided by the studio.

Pilates is a very effective form of exercise that will strengthen your core and improve your posture. Making your core stronger and more balanced helps with back pain often caused by desk jobs. Pilates is also well known for its calming and relaxing effect.

7.30pm Monday Beginner Pilates course 5 weeks