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Pilates classes

Max number of students in a Pilates class: 10,


11.15-12.15pm 50+ Pilates Intermediate  with Christine | North Isla St

5.30-6.30pm Pilates Intermediate/Advanced with Anna| North Isla St

7.15-8.15pm Pilates Intermediate/Advanced  with Anna | North Isla St


10-11am Pilates Intermediate/Advanced with Rachel  | North Isla St

11.15-12.15pm Pilates 50+ Beginner/Improver with Rachel  | North Isla St

7.15-8.15pm Pilates Intermediate/Advanced with Anna | North Isla St


5.30-6.30pm Pilates Intermediate/Advanced with Anna | North Isla St studio 1

5.30-6.30pm Pilates Beginner with Rachel  | North Isla St studio 2

7.15-8.15pm Pilates Intermediate/Advanced with Anna | North Isla St



7.15-8.15pm Pilates Beginner/Improver with Rachel | North Isla St


What is Pilates?


Mat Pilates is a very popular form of exercise thanks to its many benefits.


These benefits include

  • improved posture, coordination and balance

  • stronger core and flatter belly

  • reduction/prevention of back pain

  • reduced stiffness and increase in flexibility

  • healthier spine

  • helps prevent injuries

  • improved performance in sports or dance

  • reduced stress

  • many have noticed it even helps them sleep better!

What is Pilates? At the Introduction to Pilates/Posture assessment class you will learn/revise the principles of Pilates: body alignment, neutral spine, centering and lateral breathing. Practicing these techniques of holding our body in alignment together with efficient and calming breathing, the exercises done at the weekly classes will start bringing results even after just one class. You will stand a little bit taller and feel more relaxed in your body. At group classes you'll put these principles into practice, learning the Pilates exercise repertoire along with new modern Pilates exercises. 
Individual attention. Pilates is a very self-focused, non-competetive class in a supportive and encouraging environment. It's a time for you to connect with your body and make it stronger at your own pace. Pilates is taught by layering each exercise. This means you will always have the right amount of challenge, even in a mixed ability class. Anna is also always ensuring everyone has correct form by constantly monitoring the students and making corrections where needed, which means everyone will get the full benefits of each exercise. This also means the class numbers need to be small.