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What our students say

Pilates testimonials

"I am really enjoying Anna's Pilates classes. The small numbers allows it to be more personal and individual. Her calm and pleasant manner makes all movements easy to follow and I find I am quite relaxed during and after the class. I have very stressful job and now look forward to Wednesday evening." Jill

"I am not really a 'class' person but I have really enjoyed the pilates class. Being a newbie I have found your explanations detailed and thorough and I really feel the benefit of the individual attention and guidance you give to make sure I am getting the right position. Looking forward to the next block!" Rhona


"The fundamentals class is so worthwhile even if you have done Pilates previously, you feel the benefit from the very first class. It's great for a refresher as well. I am on my third block and I am so much more flexible and I am surprised that I have toned as well, bonus :)" Amanda

"I have been going to Pilates for probably three years now but whether or not it was a lot to take in at the start or I forgot the basics I feel with Anna I now have a clear understanding of what it's all about ie ensuring you can control your core and tva before trying to do more challenging exercises and just as important how to actually breathe whilst doing it!!! I would definitely recommend attending a fundamental class or introduction first as this will help you get the best out of your classes even if you have been to Pilates before - I would say I have improved 100% as has my back. Great classes :D " Val


"Hi Anna! Thank you I enjoyed the Fundamentals course over the weekend. Cant believe the difference already with my back and the stiffness... looking forward to next Monday!" Maggie


"I was really nervous about starting Pilates but after the fundamental class with Anna I felt that, although I wobbled all over the place, I would get the hang of it. Anna is extremely attentive and helps you in every step, with a great sense of humour. I am about to start my 4th block and really getting the hang of it. At 63 I didn't think I could be so flexible. Anna is a wonderful teacher." Maureen


"Brilliant class I did pilates before but had to give up due to work commitments, however Anna's class is fantastic and I'm so enjoying it. I did a one to one intro class as couldn't make the fundamentals class and so worth it! She showed me how to engage my TVA and core muscles... really enjoying the class every week." Karen


"Would definitely recommend doing fundamentals class, it really gives you a good understanding of how Pilates really works - I am about to book my 4th block with Anna and am really enjoying the class and the benefits it has given me. Anna is a very good teacher and gives everybody in her class lots of attention and encouragement - I could barely balance on one leg when I started but have made huge progress there - I found my TVA lol" Gill


"I'm loving being back at Pilates. I did attend a Pilates class before I came to Anna's class but realised I hadn't been doing the exercises correctly! Anna keeps a close eye and helps you to achieve the correct positions. She puts off time with you. Excellent teacher. I look forward to my class every week." Susan


"Absolutely loving my classes. These classes are great, even if you think yes this is easy you're probably not doing it right. Anna corrects you so you are doing it correctly. Fundamentals is the way to go so you know what you're doing. I'm booked up for my 3rd block of pilates now." Nicky


"I did the fundementals course. I had previously done pilates or so I thought! Anna's class is really good. I am a year after spinal surgery and still could not put socks on or tie my laces. After the fundamentals weekend could not believe how much its helped and yes I can put on my own socks and tie my shoes now! The classes are great and have given me a big part of my life back after trying so many things. I am still a bit stiff but it gets better after every class. Do the fundamentals course its proper Pilates with a hands on teacher that does the proper teaching." Maggie