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Dundee Dance Studios

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Barre, Barre+Core & Ballet Fitness


6.30-7.15pm Barre with Anna  | North Isla St


5.30-6.30pm Barre+Core with Anna  | North Isla St

6.30-7.15pm Barre with Anna  | North Isla St

6.45-7.45pm Ballet Fitness with Rachel  | North Isla St studio 2


10.00-11.00am 50+ Barre+Core with Rachel  | North Isla St  

6.30-7.15pm Barre with Anna  | North Isla St



6.30-7.15pm Barre with Rachel  | North Isla St

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45min Barre

6 classes £36  | drop-in £7.50

60min Barre+ Core and Ballet Fitness 

6 classes  £54  | drop-in £10.50

How to book?

  • Enter our booking system here

  • Buy the class credits you wish (please note class credit validity)

  • Book the classes using the credits 

  • Can't make it? Cancel your space with at least 2h notice and you can re-use your credit.

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New clients joining!

In September and October we have fantastic deals:

2 weeks of unlimited 1h classes for £25

2 weeks of unlimited 45min Barre classes for £15!

 Please note, the free barre credits will be issued to you within a day of you purchasing the 1h unlimited package 


Class descriptions

45min Barre
Barre class consists of toning exercises for the lower and upper body done mid-floor and at the ballet barre, while also working your core using the principles of Pilates core engagement and postural alignment. We also work on your balance and stamina. We use weighted balls, resistance bands, balance training equipment and Pilates magic circles to add resistance and challenge to certain exercises. Compared to Ballet Fitness, Barre has no mat element to the class as the whole class is done standing. Where you feel the burn? Legs and arms, but your core will feel it too!
45min Ballet fitness
Ballet Fitness uses the principals of Pilates through ballet exercises in a fun, rewarding environment. The class consists of toning exercises for the core, bum and legs on a mat and at the ballet barre. This class differs from our Barre class as there is more focus on your core strength and stability by using exercise balls, resistance bands and small Pilates balls on the mat as well as standing at the barre. Our Ballet Fitness class is based on PBT (progressive ballet technique) that Rachel qualified teaching in 2017. Rachel has 20 years experience in ballet and completing her advanced level mat Pilates teacher training this summer. Where you feel the burn? Core, but your legs and arms will feel it too! 
45min Floor Barre
Floor Barre (barre au sol) is a technique of ballet exercises executed on the floor. It improves posture and dance technique, increases strength and flexibility. Suitable for all fitness levels and highly beneficial for all dance/exercise styles. This class is closest to an actual ballet class and sold as a part of the dance class selection and sold as 4-week blocks instead of 6. 
60min Barre+Core
Barre+ Core with Anna gives you get a great mix of barre exercises (toning your legs and arms) and Pilates inspired exercises on the mat (extra work for your core!). We use Pilates circles, stretch bands, weights and hedgehogs to challenge both barre and mat exercises. Compared to our Pilates classes this class doesn't require a private introduction class. Max 10 participants to ensure individual attention to ensure you perform the exercises correctly for best benefits. Compared to Ballet Fitness, the mat exercises are less influenced by ballet and more by Pilates. Where you feel the burn? Everywhere! This class has the potential to be the toughest class we have on offer if you push yourself hard! It is suitable for all fitness levels as we will provide difficulty options for each exercise. 
Barre and ballet fitness are great for anyone wanting to tone their core, legs, bum and arms while improving your flexibility and posture.  No previous dance experience is required and the classes are suitable for all fitness levels.